Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Thoughts on Strategy

There needs to be much more thought given to coherent strategy. The dissident right thus far is an internet movement, and as such, is going to have inherent difficulty translating to physical presence. Part of this is baked into the cake of social control in the Current Year; there is a reason why every Western country is following the same program give or take ten or so years, and why every conservative party or movement has been broken in time, from Spain following Franco to Portugal to Enoch Powell and many more figures, some noteworthy and some not. Part of this is also should be manifest due to our peculiar online manifestation. We have a unique opportunity to break the dead stranglehold the left globalist establishment holds broadly on the West, but we have to face up to the facts that there will be also peculiar hardships and losses. Glory is ours, but only if we are brave enough to take it. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hardship through Time

            Some historical periods focus families, lineages, and particular men in such a way that they feel like gauntlets of tests. Wars, famines, disease, and other natural disasters can all act in this way, forcing those of a land through an unwitting test during the course of time. Some are quick and resolve in a few weeks. In these, maybe a small area is affected and some portion of them shuffle off, but the wider land is relatively untouched. Others are wide-reaching and cut deep.

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Right after RECENT EVENTS

            Hubris: for our purposes, the parable of Icarus suffices. In short, it is the belief that one can tempt fate with bold displays and escape unscathed or better.
            There are a few directions things could take for the right wing coalition here after Charlottesville. Some of those paths will lead to greater heights sooner, and some will lead to stagnation and greater follies. It’s clear that Charlottesville and events like it have essentially one of two purposes for right wing groups: rallying the members and the spectacle. By all means, it appears that those who actually went in the area of Charlottesville on either day received positive benefits from the ‘rallying’ effect. Otherwise, the protest seems to have been indecisive or worse. This should have folks reconsidering how activism is done going forward.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The New Left and a bit of History

Once, in the old order, in the Ancien Régime, certain sects of the most powerful were sanctified and restricted from certain irreverence, scorn, or abuse by the public or vocal laypeople. In the Mediterranean, one could criticize the Emperor (or king or citizen body, depending) and the gods within reason, but if one overstepped the pale of dignity and decorum, penalties might ensue. If one would recant or simply shut one’s mouth promptly, the punishment, given a decent administration, would be relatively lax. With an odious or arbitrary princeps or administration anything goes. If one persisted and became a recalcitrant shouting defiance in the town square and scribbling harsh scrawl in nasty pamphlets dispersed to be read in other towns across the land, then the punishments mounted. The same applied to the kings and Church of the Middle Ages. Aside from some Norse sagas and a few other Germanic stories and legends as well as their interactions with the Romans and the more limited interactions with the Hellenes, there isn’t much we can say in Europe substantially north of the Mediterranean about the generalities of this dynamic until the introduction of Latin script (which coincides generally with Christianity).

Thursday, November 26, 2015


            One sees European togetherness to replace the current Pax Americana. The heart longs for it, verily, with each throb. Someday not soon may we see its light.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Progressivism as suicidal impulse

I don't know if this is a unique thought or if I've read this elsewhere, but I'll note it here. I'm not sure liberals even necessarily want their ultimate vision to be realized in its totality. They require a vigorous opposition to keep them in check and in line. Their realization is their antithesis. We must be their antidote, else they will implode and bring the West with them in their death throes.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A second grand post: On the failings of libertarians

Libertarians have developed into a complicated picture unto their own. There are the hard culturally ‘left’ libertarians – the wayward libertines and left-Rothbardians, many degenerates or hangers-on to such baggage that they tacitly accept gutter law that would permit a society whose aesthetics would be trashy to the extreme. These are the C4SS crowd, the degenerate child pornographer and fondler Brad Spangler, Kevin Carson, and various ‘market syndicalists’ and ‘market socialists’ and ‘libertarian socialists’ who contend for the title of ‘left libertarian.’ There are of course the centrists, as ever, who fall in the grays and grades between designated endpoints. Most modern libertarians arguably fall in the left-center or right-center of this cultural picture. Then there are the traditionalist libertarians, more like myself, Hoppe and his PFS crowd, and some of the American Renaissance folk as well.